SRI Foundation is a division of Yayasan Sekolah Rakyat Indonesia. Our focus is to provide environmental education for Indonesian, especially for young people. We held some online workshops, created educational videos and provided some supporting programs to assist community to learn more about the environment.




Since January 2021, we held monthly online workshops for high school students and several other online workshops for any participants.

TimeOnline WorkshopParticipants
19 January 2021Solid waste problem and its alternative solutionHigh school student and teacher
15 February 2021Solid waste problem and its alternative solution (Batch-2)High school student and teacher
21 February 2021Best Practice to reduce solid waste from homeAll ages
7 March 2021Teach our children to love the environmentAll ages
16 March 2021The problems with our water sourcesHigh school student and teacher
21 March 2021Solid waste managementAll ages
22 March 2021

Youtube live

Understanding the water quality at home

All ages
5 April 2021All about wildlife conservationHigh school student and teacher
11 April 2021How to make eco-enzymeAll ages


We created some educational videos and also put workshop recording in our Youtube channel.

We also provided some supporting programs such as “mind your waste” and “solid waste donation” to assist community in supporting the reduce, reuse and recycle activities.


We are a non provit organization and rely on community supports to run our projects. If you want to support us, please contact us or donate directly to our paypal account.